COOL vs. WARM : What is my undertone?

Most people have heard about the term ‘undertone’ but barely understand what it actually means and, most probably, don’t even know how it plays a very important role in our beauty routine.

Your undertone is a key element when you are choosing your best foundation match, hair dye, lip colours, dress colours… Choosing the right colours can make a huge difference that instantly transforms you into a shining diva. ✨✨


There are 3 main undertones:

  • COOL – Pink/rosy undertones with blue toned veins.
  • WARM – Golden/yellow undertones with green toned veins.
  • NEUTRAL – No obvious yellow or pink tones, it’s difficult to tell if you veins are blue or  green.

Let’s find out your undertone using the chart below and keep reading to have an in-depth understanding on your result.


If you’ve got cool undertone…



  • Blue based eyeshadow look stunning on you.
  • Enhance pink pigment with pale or rosy pink and plum blush.
  • Try silver or white gold jewellery paired with cool-coloured stones.
  • Accentuate lips with rose red, pink and purple hues.


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If you’ve got warm undertone…


  • Earthy eyeshadows complements your skin’s natural yellow glow.
  • Highlight warm-toned cheeks with coral, peach or brown blush.
  • Pair gold, copper or brass jewellery with warm-coloured stones.
  • Enhance lips with a splash of orange-based red, coral or brown.


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If you’ve got neutral undertone…


  • You look great in gold and silver jewellery.
  • While you rock warm and cool hues, wear makeup that flatters your eyes and hair.
  • Accentuate grey/blue eyes and black/blonde hair with cool-toned shadows and clothing shades.
  • Enhance green/hazel eyes and brown/red hair with warm-toned shadows and clothing shades.
  • Complement blue or green undertones with peach, apricot or burgundy blush.
  • Accentuate your lips with flirty coral, rich berry and vibrant red lip colour shades.


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So now let’s get the right shades that complement your natural beauty and stay beautiful! Good luck. ❤️